Frequently Asked .

No, you don't have to leave the space. The formulations are friendly, odorless and after application you can enjoy the space again. Adequate ventilation of space is enough for the first hours

Kids are happiness! If your child is crawling, you can insert but limited injection so that the child does not come into contact with the preparation. There are many types of applications, we definitely have the application you need. For all other ages, you do not run any danger.

Our animals are like our children! If your pet is not a puppy so it is curious, then don't worry! The formulations are friendly and odorless, but for our little friends they are repellent.

It depends on the parasitic insect that affects the space, as well as the size of the population. In many cases once is enough, but there are cases that need repetitions.

Most applications can be made in combination. It's something we suggest! The combination is more complete, more effective and more economical. But you cannot combine insemination or mockery applications with disinfection applications.

The truth is that you have all the time, in the spring insects are again active, and in winter due to low temperatures, their activity is limited to a minimum.

For the first one or two days it is reasonable and positive. The parasitic insects in your space are discouraged and you see them because the they are interrupted by the treatment. But if several days have passed since the insemination and you continue to see insects of active, contact us immediately.

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